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  • DUI Defense

    We are experienced DUI Defense lawyers in Southern California. If you do find yourself in a DUI situation, please call us at 310-431-9689.

  • Traffic Tickets

    Get the defense assistance you need to fight traffic ticket offenses. Contact us today.

  • License Suspension

    If your license is suspended and you drive, the potential consequences and penalties are significant.We can assist you if your license is suspended.

  • License Reinstatements

    If you have a "Failure to Appear" on your driving record there may be a hold on your driving privileges with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our experts can reinstate your license

  • Court Date Extension

    Given your hectic schedule, it is quite possible that your scheduled court time and date may cause you a conflict. We can assist you to request a Court Date Extension

  • Court Appearances & Trials

    Doing the necessary leg work in resolving traffic ticket issues takes time away from other tasks. We can assist you by making court appearances on your behalf

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